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What are the costs of services?

Costs vary depending on type of service requested, but are no more expensive than typical private training or massage costs.  We believe that you can get more for your money using our services.  Please e-mail or call for specific services and price options!

Does Dry Needling hurt?  What are the risks? 

Dry needling can be uncomfortable, but usually the pain is similar to a deep tissue massage.  You do not feel the needle itself, but the trigger point being contacted, which often causes a familiar pain.  Once complete, it is common to be sore locally for a range of minutes to hours, but not commonly past a day.  There is always a risk of infection when something penetrates the skin and all treatments are performed with sanitary needles, gloves, alcohol prepped skin and following OSHA guidelines.  

Where are you located?

​We operate out of Woodbridge, VA, but serve all of Northern VA.  We come to you and visit homes, businesses, assisted living facilities and more!

Do you take insurance?

Understanding U operates as a fee-for-service business.  However, we can provide you with the information needed to bill your insurance for our services.  

Frequently Asked Questions

​What is a Motion Coach?

An expert in human movement.  A motion coach understands anatomy, physiology, and pathology enabling identification of poor mechanics.  Your motion coach can identify the source of your dysfunction and train you how to specifically focus on normalizing motion and reduce risk of injury.  

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